About Us


Founded in 2004, Játszoda Association initially focused on supporting the development of young people with special educational needs. After a decade, the organisation shifted towards cultural and eco-conscious programs, emphasising the urgency of environmental education. The purchase of a 4-hectare property near Budapest, named "Dombfalva," facilitates eco-conscious programs with a strong focus on youth engagement.
Actively involving young people we promote environmental education, sustainable lifestyles, community building, volunteerism, active citizenship, physical and mental wellbeing and mobility programmes all facilitated through non-formal educational methods and art pedagogy.
In our experience, success comes from connecting environmental awareness with community involvement. We strongly believe that by fostering sustainability in both our environment and communities, we can make a lasting impact not only on the lives of the youth we engage with but also within the various circles surrounding us, extending from the local community to the international stage through our programs.

Creating a Hub for Sustainable Living at Dombfalva: We established a dedicated space for sustainable living in response to the growing need for practical, eco-friendly environments. Dombfalva is more than a symbol; it's a tangible commitment to promoting and embodying sustainable practices. It serves as a thriving community hub, fostering a lifestyle rooted in eco-conscious choices.

Artistic Learning Through Workshops, Especially in Music: Our belief in diverse learning experiences led us to organise art workshops, with a special focus on music. These sessions go beyond artistic expression; they contribute to the overall well-being of participants. We understand the power of creativity in enhancing personal growth.

The Organix Festival: The successful execution of the Organix Festival goes beyond event management. It underscores our dedication to supporting local artists, building community bonds, and fostering connections across generations. The festival is more than just a music event; it serves as an opportunity for likeminded young people who value eco-consciousness to meet, exchange ideas, engage in artistic workshops, and participate in educational activities. In addition, we actively cooperate with other NGOs, creating a collaborative platform for shared values and impactful initiatives.

Engagement in ESC Group Volunteering: Our commitment to international collaboration and community service finds expression through active participation in European Solidarity Corps (ESC) group volunteering. This engagement is our way of cultivating a global perspective among youth, fostering empathy, and promoting a sense of responsibility towards others.Notably, we have hosted over 100 volunteers in the last few years, making a significant impact on our community. Active Involvement in a Community Facilitator Program Believing in lifelong learning, our members actively seek opportunities for self-development, exemplified by their participation in a community facilitator program. This forward-looking approach equips them with essential skills to guide and foster sustainable lifestyle communities.

Conducting Environmental Education Workshops: Our organisation conducts workshops on environmental education to address the urgent need for ecological awareness. These sessions are not just informative; they empower youth with the knowledge and skills needed to contribute to a sustainable future. We aim to inspire environmentally responsible actions.

Fun and Educational Outdoor Escape Room Experiences: In addition to formal learning, we believe in making education enjoyable. Our outdoor escape room experiences are designed to enhance problem-solving and teamwork skills in a fun and interactive manner, providing a unique learning environment for youth. 

Eco-architecture Projects at Dombfalva: Actively engaging in hands-on eco-architecture projects at Dombfalva, we've built a straw bale house with adobe plastering, a summer kitchen and fireplace, a willow-dome, and our dry toilets. These structures represent our commitment to sustainable construction methods. This year, we're extending our eco-efforts by starting a vegetable garden, evolving into a community garden project.

Permaculture Practices for Sustainable Agriculture: Our involvement in permaculture activities showcases our focus on sustainable agriculture practices. By participating in these practices, we contribute to environmental conservation and promote a holistic understanding of sustainability, highlighting the interconnectedness of agriculture and the environment.