ECO-TRIBE - Connecting Youth Through Sustainable Living

Are you interested in traditional sustainable architecture? Would you like to gain practical experience on how to live more eco-friendly? Are you between 18-30 years old? Can you imagine yourself in an international group of like-minded people for a month in the countryside of Hungary? If your answers are YES for the questions above, we have good news for you!

We're looking for 13 enthusiastic individuals aged 18-30 to join our 4-week ESC volunteering project from 22nd of July to 18th of August 2024.

Activities Include:

Permaculture Oasis:
Learn permaculture principles by planting aromatic herbs and medicinal plants around our place. Help build small-scale brick retaining walls to support herbal garden-beds.

Engage in sustainable agriculture by taking care of vegetable beds and harvesting the produce. Care for our permaculturaly designed plantation of trees and our grass land, experiencing the therapeutic benefits of nature.

Straw Bale House Renovation:
Join in expanding the rear portion of our straw bale residence. Learn and apply the eco-friendly architectural method of using straw bales and mud plaster. This hands-on activity promises to be both educational and immensely rewarding.

Community Connection:
Participate in the preparations of a 3 days cultural gathering at the end of the voluntary program. Assist in setting up the venue to create a welcoming atmosphere. Maintain outdoor kitchen and composting toilets to reduce our ecological footprint during the event.

Experience the beauty and challenges of sustainable living firsthand as we work together to build a community rooted in environmental consciousness. Cultural exchange and sharing experiences are at the heart of our project, where participants from diverse backgrounds come together to learn from one another and grow as a community.

About us and the program:
Our place Dombfalva is a community-based, environmentally sustainable initiative for cultural and recreational activities. Our goal is to create a multi-purpose venue that is suitable for hosting various events, meetings and camps. We organize programs for young people, children and families (workshops, volunteer-days, summer festival) and we think of Dombfalva as an inclusive space where the ideas of external partners could also be realized. 

During the 4-week volunteering program we would like to realize the development of our environment and the close surronding of the main gathering center of the venue, so that it can better serve our cultural-art and community events with a beautifull and also very usefull herbs and spices garden. 

No previous professional knowledge is needed for the tasks, but the activities of the programme are going to give the opportunity to all participants to develop their personal skills. During the program the tasks are going to be built on each other, and by the end they are going to create a bigger, complex system, which is going to be justified by the results of our common and personal efforts.

In addition to the main activity there will be dedicated time to rest, and volunteers can also participate in workshops and community building programmes, like intercultural-evenings from time to time. We are planning to swim in a nearby lake, take a walking tour among the stunning hills surrounding the venue or you can go and visit Budapest too.

The group of volunteers are going to participate in tasks with clear goals, mainly related to the eco-architectural development of the area. They are going to get acquainted with the water management of the venue, the use of reclaimed bricks in construction and the environmental and economical results of using local materials.

Dombfalva is located in a quiet valley of the Gödöllő hills, approximately 40km from Budapest. The size of the area is 4 hectares in which we have a small forest, fields and our buildings.
To reach the place it is a 20 minutes walk in the village and a forest from the nearest bus stop.
We are going to help organize the travel of the volunteers from Budapest to the venue at the beginning of the project and the way back to Budapest at the end. 

Participants/ volunteers profile:
We are looking for participants aged 18-30 with a strong interest in environmentalism, who are open to learn new methods, to get to know a different, sustainable lifestyle. We are mostly going to do physical work, so we would like to have volunteers who are not afraid of getting their hands a little dirty.
We are planning to include volunteers with fewer opportunities, because we believe that the methods and knowledge gained during the project could be an asset to them. 

The volunteers are going to be accommodated in one building all together on single beds. Participants should bring their own sleeping bags and pillows. We are going to use outdoor solar showers and composting toilets, and a washing machine is available. 

During the project the volunteers are going to cook together. Every day there is going to be a cooking team responsible for the meals. Participants are going to be welcome to plan the menu and to bring their own ideas. We are planning to use ingredients from local farmers. 

What is covered by the project?:
The project is going to be realized in the framework of European Solidarity Corps. 

The following costs are going to be covered:
- Travel cost from the country of residence to the project location is going to be reimbursed up to the amount in the table below.
- Pocket money: 42 €/week
- Food: hosting organization provides the ingredients and the volunteer team prepares the meals together with the help of staff.
- Insurance: the programme covers private health insurance, but volunteers have to possess the “blue” European Health Card. 

Travel cost limits:


Max. travel cost to be reimbursed

In case of “green” travel










Czech Republic


















How to apply:
If you would like to participate in this project, we invite you to fill in the application form.

Deadline for application: 6. May 2023.

Selection process:
We give feedback for all the applicants until the middle of May. If you are selected for the second round, you are going to be invited for an online interview with the hosting organization. We would like to have the final volunteer team by the end of May. 

We value all volunteers as unique individuals, and we welcome the variety of experiences they bring to our project. We are committed to equal volunteer opportunity without regard to age, ancestry, disability, national or ethnic origin, race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or political belief. 

If you have any question regarding the project, don't hesitate to reach out to us here: