ESC Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome on our website! 

Dombfalva is a complex and unusual project that tries to connect different but fundamental areas of life, because we consider that their separation is an important social problem.
We carry out a wide range of activities, from eco-conscious architecture through landscape rehabilitation to various cultural programs. Approaching all of this with a community approach and with the aim of connecting the knowledge we have acquired in different areas and passing this on as widely as possible.
One of our focuses is sustainable architecture and promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle. We would like to draw attention to the importance of environmental protection and teach our volunteers how to live a more economical and environmentally friendly life. Our volunteers will be able to learn about the site's water management, the architectural use of wood, clay and straw, the environmental and economic benefits of using local materials, and the energy efficiency of available architectural solutions.  

Call for summer of 2024: Please check out the open call for ECO-TRIBE, our group volunteer project for the summer.

We are looking forward to meet you in person!