Our Team

Márton Orosz

Márton Orosz - Founder of Dombfalva initiative
He is the initiator of the communal use of Dombfalva. He is very interested in the natural way of life, but at the same time is open to the latest technologies. He strives for a balance between the two. He is the founder and leader of the Játszoda Association, with which they used to organise special developmental educational events and run day-care centres for children. In the last 10 years, the Dombfalva project has largely filled his life, as it also determines the work of the association. In addition to working with children, he believes that it is becoming increasingly important to shape the attitudes of young adults, as this is perhaps the most effective way to influence future generations.
Since founding the association in 2004, he has gained a lot of experience in project-based, long-term planning and implementation of activities during his many years working in the civil sector. He is now very familiar with the legal and economic processes of the local non-profit sector. He sees himself as a committed civic activist, even if he does not normally describe himself as such.
His life is also filled with music. He has been actively playing drums for more than 25 years, in bands of various styles and line-ups. As a result, he has also experienced the diversity of group work and the very strong influence of personal attitudes towards each other.
For years, he has been researching the possibilities for the practical implementation of sustainable and alternative building technologies. On his way through the labyrinth of earth house, straw bale house, statics, thermodynamics, thermal mass and many other similar terms, he has accumulated a lot of useful knowledge, which he is happy to pass on to those who come along. Prefers to eat healthy food whose production and delivery do not have a major impact on the environment. Prefers to live in a quiet but varied environment. Enjoys knowing how things work. Enjoys music and art. Enjoys creating.

Zsófia Rácz - International Project Coordinator, trainer
Zsofi is responsible for the creation and facilitation of our international programmes including coordination and logistics. Zsofi holds an MA as a Teacher of History, Leisure Time, and Game Design, backed by over a decade in the youth work field. She started as a Youth and Equal Opportunities Officer in a local municipality, instigating significant changes in local youth work.
Her expertise lies in working with diverse backgrounds and vulnerable groups, including refugees, roma minorities, and neurodivergent youth. Zsofi is a trained Eurodesk multiplier and brings considerable experience to European Mobility projects. Serving as a mentor and coordinator, she has guided numerous volunteers, promoting international projects and preparing youth for exchanges and voluntary activities.
Zsofi is an experienced trainer working mainly with non-formal education, drama education, and art pedagogy methods. Past board membership in the European Network of Youth Centres (ENYC) further highlights her commitment to youth development. These days, Zsofi channels her energy into building resilience and well-being resources, dedicating herself to supporting young people in enhancing their physical and mental health.

Márton Somogyi - project administrator, contact person
After studying physics and engineering at the Budapest College of Technology and Economics and working at a radiobiological research institute, he began a career as a musician and composer. He worked as a jazz pianist in Hungary and abroad and also tried his hand at other professions, gaining diverse experience in various fields, from manual labor to the financial sector and social research.
A long-time friend and fellow musician of Márton Orosz, he has been part of the organising team of the Dombfalva initiative since 2023. He acts as deputy project administrator and contact person for volunteers from abroad. He also helps organise Dombfalva's various community and cultural programs and contributes to the music workshops and events as a musician.
Although he works mainly from Budapest, he visits Dombfalva regularly to enjoy the work on site and the natural surroundings of the area. He currently also teaches young children the basics of music and piano playing.

János Kecskeméti

János Kecskeméti - long-term volunteer
He came from a rural background and grew up in a large family. He later moved to Budapest and successfully graduated in commerce and marketing from the Budapest Business School. In the years that followed, he explored various professional fields, but none resonated as a true fit. This realisation served as the impetus for him to redirect his focus to awareness and self-exploration.
He is currently a volunteer at Dombfalva, actively contributing to the maintenance of the grounds and cultural events. Having completed a course in community development, he is now interested in the way of life in the community.
He is fond of getting acquainted with eco-architecture, spending time in nature and practising meditation.

Dániel Buza - long-term volunteer
He has a degree in mechatronics and has been working in this field since 2019. He is specialised in microelectronics and prototyping of new concepts. He has 5 years of experience working with children in the fields of art and woodworking and is able to organise and lead an art-culture day camp for 40 children. He also grew up in the same art community, where he was involved in the visual arts from the age of six. Later, woodcarving became a new element in his palette of skills. He has experience working with mentally disabled people in an organic garden. He has been practising and learning biodynamic gardening since 2021.
He has experience with music and is still learning, he plays several instruments as a hobby. He is also involved in traditional folk music and dance. He practises yoga, meditates often and is deeply involved in mysteries and spirituality.
Dani has several life experiences in the management of household and farm. He also enjoys hiking in nature. He has several experiences with wild camping and survival and has basic knowledge of herbs, mushrooms, local flora and fauna.